Web3 Project Growth
xHashtag facilitates a 360-degree growth paradigm for Web3 projects, through a 3-phase mechanism - Incubate, Launch and Accelerate. This takes care of the Web3 project's complete requirement set including Community Bootstrapping, Liquidity Generation and Treasury Building.
The initial distribution phase is akin to Initial Offering (IDO, ICO etc.) launches, helping incubate the project by ensuring easily available initial liquidity, marketing buzz and growth through KOLs, with near-zero market float at the time of launch.
Post Launch, single asset staking is introduced, alongside halving support for the previously high APY till a lower level as per the project’s comfort. Now, the project token’s utility kicks in, thus helping sustain good levels.
xHashtag also introduces bonding, where discounted tokens are offered to willing buyers in exchange for LP tokens or stablecoins, thus boosting the project’s treasury. The discounted bond sales help the project obtain its own liquidity, while the xHashtag DAO's marketing efforts would help further increase the project's liquidity.
A high APY launch gives everyone a level playing field without discriminating between early investors and new investors, and xHashtag facilitates this by means of being a High-Yield Launchpad.
All through the process, the Web3 project has access to the xHashtag community base, thus helping the project accelerate adoption and growth.
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