As a dynamic and fast-paced tech sphere, crypto projects are constantly evolving and innovating to stay relevant to the times. A crypto project can sustain only when it has a strong community backing and a solid treasury to support its activities. Both these need to be looked into, as ignoring either one of them can have critical consequences for the projects.
xHashtag DAO is a 360° Web3 Growth Automation Suite that focuses on the sustainable overall growth of Web3 projects including community, liquidity, and treasury.
The incubator gives birth to the project’s community, right before its launch, helping it scale up rapidly as the launch approaches.
The launchpad facilitates Protocol Owned Liquidity through discounted token bond sales unlocking true, heavy, non-migratory liquidity while allowing immediate utility through Single Asset Staking for high APY rewards.
The Accelerator supercharges the project’s community through targeted and tokenized rewards. These members do not solely remain passive numbers, but rather become active and actual ambassadors for the project.
Ultimately, through the power of the xHashtag 360-degree suite, it's a win-win for both the project and its community.
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