How to Buy $XTAG
Our native token of the xHashtag dApp, $XTAG, is a token with several utilities. It is available for purchase from the open market on a number of CEXs and DEXs, out of which we have officially been listed on KuCoin,, Raydium and TraderJoe.
Buying $XTAG on centralized exchanges is pretty straightforward and easy. You simply need to navigate to the available XTAG-pair of your choice, and swap the other pair token for the desired amount of XTAG at the prevailing rates. For example, on the XTAG-USDC pair, you simply need to enter the amount of XTAG you require and pay the corresponding amount in USDC.
You can acquire XTAG on KuCoin,, Raydium and TraderJoe.
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