Campaign Creators

Any project that requires a boost in its marketing efforts in terms of community growth or project token usage acceleration can utilize the power of xHashtag’s Liquid Micro Teams through a customized campaign suited to their needs.
Step 1: Set Campaign Objectives
This outlines the tasks the campaign creator expects the #community or xTaggers to perform.
This could be something as simple as a shout-out on social media or a task to be conducted on-chain on the project’s dApp. The possibilities are virtually endless and campaign creators can fine-tune campaign details to a micro-level.
The campaign creator sets the eligibility criteria, which can include one or more of the following: Previous task performance, user demographics, KYC status, project token staking status etc.
Depending on the outcome they wish to achieve, the creators can define the complexity of the eligibility criteria.
The aforementioned criteria can be automatically enforced by smart contracts that verify the Soultags that an individual holds, thus introducing trust and transparency in a trustless environment.
Step 2: Funding the Campaign
In order to do this, the project will have to deposit the planned incentives or rewards into the smart contract. These rewards can be in stablecoins such as USDT or USDC or the project’s native $token.
The smart contract ensures the automatic distribution of funds to the participants of the campaign based on the reward structure set by the project in the smart contract. The project is free to choose how much they want to reward a user for the tasks they complete.
The project can also offer multiplier benefits over pre-defined rewards for the project’s #community users who have staked the project’s $tokens.
Doing so will improve the chances of xTaggers staking your project $tokens to join your community and receive the multiplier bonus on the tasks they complete. This, in turn, helps the project level up through enhanced on-chain participation and off-chain buzz.