Bridging XTAG to Avalanche

xTaggers, the moment you have all been waiting for is here. Starting today, 21st February 2022, you will be able to move your XTAG to the Avalanche network from Solana using the Wormhole Bridge.
$XTAG Contract Address on Solana: 5gs8nf4wojB5EXgDUWNLwXpknzgV2YWDhveAeBZpVLbp
$Wormhole XTAG Contract Address on Avalanche: 0xA608D79C5f695C0D4C0E773A4938b57e18e0fc57 $Native XTAG Contract Address on Avalanche: 0x06ba3e871ae3c14026d3e8a819fb3b5f31fef1d3

Part 1 - Bridging from Solana XTAG to Wormhole XTAG

Before you start the process of bridging, make sure you have your Solana Wallet (Sollet/Phantom/Solflare/Mathwallet) and MetaMask Wallet (Configured for Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain) set up and ready to send/receive funds. Here’s how you can go to chainlist.org and add Avalanche Mainnet to your Metamask.
The steps below will guide you on how you can bridge them in a few simple steps. Let us begin:
Step 1: Open the Wormhole Bridge Portal
Visit the Wormhole PortalBridge at https://portalbridge.com/. Make sure you are using the correct website address to prevent malicious attempts by scammers. Select Solana as the source network and Avalanche as the target network.
Step 2: Select and Connect a Source Wallet
Choose your source wallet that has XTAG in it. This can be either Sollet, Phantom, Solflare or Mathwallet, as currently supported by Wormhole Bridge. Click on the “Connect” button on your Solana wallet popup.
Step 3: Select the XTAG token and the transfer amount
Once you have selected the wallet and pressed the Connect button, you should now see the ‘Select A Token’ dropdown. Press it, and you will be able to view your wallet’s available tokens and the corresponding balance. Choose XTAG, select the desired amount you wish to bridge, and press Next.
Step 4: Connect to the MetaMask wallet
On the Target network page, make sure it shows Avalanche, and press Connect Wallet. You will now receive a MetaMask pop-up. Click Next. You should now be able to see your MetaMask wallet address, and the bridged tokens you would be receiving. Press Next to move to the next step.
Step 5: Send the Tokens
Initiate the transfer by pressing the Transfer button. Press Confirm. The transfer process will now begin. You may have to press Approve multiple times on your Solana wallet. Do not navigate away from the page till the tokens are Sent. You would incur a small amount of gas fees in $SOL.
Step 6: Redeem the Tokens
Redeem the Tokens on the Avalanche network by pressing Redeem. You may incur a small amount denominated in AVAX for network gas fees. Next, click on Confirm on the MetaMask pop-up screen. Once the process is complete, the amount in the form of Wormhole XTAG tokens gets deposited into your Avalanche wallet on MetaMask.
Step 7: (First Time Only) Adding Wormhole XTAG token address to MetaMask
You would need to do this step only once during the initial transfer, to make sure the bridged XTAG tokens you have received show up on your MetaMask wallet. Simply press the Add to MetaMask option on the Redeem Tokens tab, and then press Add Token in the pop-up that appears. That’s it! You’ve successfully bridged over from Solana XTAG to Avalanche Wormhole XTAG.

Part 2: Unwrapping the Wormhole to Native XTAG on Avalanche

Here's our detailed guide to how you can unwrap the Wormhole XTAG to Native XTAG -> https://medium.com/xhashtag/how-to-wrap-unwrap-your-xtag-tokens-on-the-avalanche-network-7c91a73aa351 The Native XTAG tokens you’ve received will continually have newer use cases as the solution is developed on the Avalanche Mainnet, which will be communicated by us through our social channels from time to time.