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Soultag SBTs

What is a Soultag?

A Soultag is a unique, non-transferable Soul Bound Token (SBT) that is as an onchain credential for reputation building and skill certification for an individual or a soul. Over time this becomes a means of identifying and verifying a soul’s reputation and skills.
Soultags are presently divided into two broad categories - Skill-based and Reputation-based.
Skill-based Soultags showcase your proficiency in completing a particular type of task, set of tasks or genre of work, whereas Reputation-based Soultags are a measure of how many times you’ve successfully used your skill to efficiently complete these tasks.
By levelling up your Skills through earning more Reputation-based Soultags, you can open up many more opportunities and possibilities. Simply put, the more the number of completed tasks and correspondingly the Soultags you receive, the more the reputation and the higher the reward. Additionally, certain tasks might have eligibility requirements of holding previously provisioned Soultags, so make sure you participate in as many tasks as possible.

How can I obtain a Soultag?

Soultags are offered by xHashtag from time to time, either in partnership with other #Web3 projects for the completion of certain tasks or campaigns or to mark a special event, occasion or task. Essentially, it enables our vision for the Future of Work, letting users record their achievements on-chain through the completion of skill and reputation-based tasks.
As proof of identity, completion and mastery, Soultags are in most cases free, apart from a negligibly small gas fee for minting the Soultag SBT.
Claiming Soultags is pretty simple and straightforward. A guide can be found here.
You can have more than one Soultag in your wallet, but a particular Soultag can be collected by one individual only once.

How to view your claimed Soultags?

Viewing all the Soultags you have collected over a period of time is easy. You simply need to navigate to your profile on the xHashtag dApp and click on the My Soultags button, and all your Soultags collected across various EVM chains would be visible.
For a step-by-step guide, click here.
All the SBTs in your wallet can also be viewed through Soulpage. To do this visit your SoulPage by adding ‘.page’ at the end of your registered .SOUL domain. For example, if you have registered ‘example.soul’, you can access your SoulPage by going to ‘’ via any browser, without any additional plugins or settings.

Why claim Soultags?

Influence — Soultag SBTs contribute towards building your onchain Web3 reputation, acting as a measure of credibility, which can help you become an ambassador for Web3 projects.
Opportunity — It opens up possibilities for further rewards, by means of selective or preferential access to future xHashtag campaigns as well as remote jobs that projects may create for liquid teams, based on the Soultags you possess.
Pride — As the tokens are non-transferable, you will forever have the privilege and pride of having unlocked an achievement. Also, as these tokens are unique, and issued only on completion of a certain activity in a certain period of time, the rarity factor is an added bonus!

What is a Souldrop?

Presently airdrops are plagued by bots and fake profiles, who end up claiming rewards meant for genuine fans and community members, thus causing avoidable loss of finances and reputation for Web3 projects.
Souldrops are an evolution to airdrops, where users who add real value to a project over a prolonged period of time are recognized and rewarded aptly for their efforts while eliminating bots and malicious actors.
Souldrops help bring the community together by encouraging genuine users to add value to the project, while also creating a paradigm for the future of work.

How can Soultags help me earn?

While Soultags in itself does not have any financial, transactional or monetary value, it opens up doors to many opportunities for the holder.
Akin to a certification in the real world, the value generation is immense, where people having the necessary skill and reputation Soultags would be chosen by projects to complete ambassador tasks, or even larger tasks having better payout.
As such, it is ideal to collect as many Soultags as you can, while the Web3 identity space is still nascent, allowing you to capitalize on micro tasks and improve your earning potential.