All You Need to Know about the xHashtag IDO on SolRazr

  • Token: XTAG
  • Accepted: USDC (SPL Token)
  • IDO Token Price: $0.25
  • Total IDO Pool size: $250,000
  • SolRazr Community Pool Size: $200,000(Requires $SOLR to be staked)
    • Allocation Amount: $200
    • This is only open for those who have staked $SOLR. Stake NOW!
  • Open Community Pool Size: $50,000
  • Allocation Amount: $50
  • Requires 3 SOLR (~$10) to be held from whitelist opening until the end of IDO.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Launchpad: SolRazr
  • Platform: Desktop and Mobile
  • Supported Wallets: Solflare and Phantom Wallet
  • Is KYC required for participation in IDO? Yes
  • IDO vesting terms:
    • 30% unlocked on TGE
    • 30% unlocked each month over the next two months
    • 10% on the 4th month

Key Dates for the xHashtag IDO on SolRazr:

  • Application for whitelist registration for the IDO opens on November 10th at 2 PM UTC
  • Whitelist registration closes on November 14th at 2 PM UTC
  • Lottery Winners are announced and KYC opens on November 17th at 2 PM UTC
  • KYC closes on November 21st at 2 PM UTC
  • Final winners (KYC verified) are announced on November 22nd at 2 PM UTC
  • Whitelist Winners announcement on November 26th at 2 PM UTC
  • IDO opens on November 26th at 2 PM UTC
  • IDO closes on November 27th at 2 PM UTC
  • Token Distribution: December 30th at 2 PM UTC
For further details, click here.