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Campaign Participants

As a DAO for the #FutureOfWork, xHashtag offers its users a simple way of earning crypto rewards and Soultags (Onchain Reputation Credential Badges) for completing on-chain and off-chain tasks, with no investment required. The learning curve required to complete these tasks is not very steep, and hence people with basic knowledge of the internet can also participate in these tasks and earn on the platform.
Leveraging the power of what we call Liquid Micro Teams, which essentially are:
A) A flexible task force
B) Available to take tasks from multiple 'employers'
C) Although not technically employees, they perform a similar role
How tasks work for a user
Once a user (also referred to as an xTagger) has successfully registered on the platform, they are eligible to receive tasks.
These tasks can be simple tasks such as sharing a tweet or commenting on a Web3 project’s post or conducting an on-chain transaction on their dApp or something more complex like playing a few levels of a game or solving a puzzle.
The type of task, its complexity and the rewards would vary from campaign to campaign, and these parameters would be set by the campaign creator (usually a Web3 project).
Eligibility of Tasks
While xHashtag does not restrict the xTaggers on the number of tasks they can perform, the actual task availability and assignment depend on the campaign eligibility criteria set by the creator, enforced via Smart Contracts using Soultag on-chain credentials.
These eligible tasks are not auto-assigned, and require the user to actively accept the task from the available list on their timeline. The UI has been designed keeping simplicity in mind so that even an inexperienced user can easily grasp the workings of the dApp.
Completion of Tasks
After accepting a task, the xTaggers are expected to complete it as per the specifications set forth in the campaign outline, within the stipulated time.
Once the task is complete, the user submits it to the on-chain Smart Contract for review. Depending on the type of verification required (automatic or manual review), if there is consensus on successful task completion, and the reward for completing the task, the user will be able to claim rewards directly to his/her wallet.
The process really is that simple, and earning a sizable number of rewards through xHashtag is definitely possible.