❓Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our platform:

What is xHashtag?

As a project that kick-started its operations in Mid-2021, xHashtag positions itself as a 360-degree Web3 Growth Automation Suite that helps Web3 projects scale and grow sustainably. We help projects bootstrap community, liquidity and treasury, through our unique features such as Automated Ambassador Program, Single Asset Liquidity Staking, Pre-Launch Community Building and Post-Launch Liquidity Supercharging.

What are #communities?

#communities are exclusive groups for users who have staked a project's $tokens, which unlocks special tasks and enhanced rewards.

What is $XTAG?

$XTAG is our native governance token, which is a utility token that has real-world use cases including staking for governance, task prioritization and upgrade to reviewer status.

What is the total supply of $XTAG?

$XTAG has a total supply of 100 million. Further details can be found on the Tokenomics page.

How to buy XTAG?

A guide to buying XTAG is present here

How reliable is the team at xHashtag?

We have 10 members located across India, Singapore and the USA. Our product lead is an ex-US Airforce personnel with over 10 years of experience in building precision software, while our marketing head co-founded Trendrr, a platform that was taken over by Twitter. Our technical team has equally good experience in building scalable products that can gain adoption.

What is the easiest way to join the liquid team?

To join the team, you can participate in campaigns and giveaways. You can be part of the reviewer team if you have staked enough tokens and believe in the particular project.

What are Soultags?

Soultag (Plural Soultags) is a unique, non-transferable Soul Bound Token (SBT) that helps build up onchain reputation for an individual/soul, becoming a means of tracking the soul's reputation and achievements over time.

How do we receive Soultags?

Projects can choose to offer one or more Soultags to every unique individual participating in any task or activity either on-chain or off-chain, thus serving a dual purpose of being a proof of accomplishment for the individual and a proof of completion for the project themselves.

Are the soultags sellable? How do I sell them?

No, they are not sellable. These soultags are like a certificate to you and recognize your achievements on the blockchain. They are useful only to the owner of the tags, and that is you. You can explore here to make use of the soultags in the best way possible.

Does claiming the Soultag SBT cost money?

While the Soultags themselves are provided for free on completion of certain campaigns, there may be a small transaction fee involved to mint these Soultags, which would be mentioned during the time of claiming.

What is a Soulname?

Soul names are a humanly readable naming service that can map commonly used words, phrases, or terms to a crypto wallet address, which consists of obfuscated numbers and characters. Find out more here.

How many tasks can xTaggers perform?

Virtually infinite. As long as users fulfil the eligibility criteria, they can perform as many tasks as they wish from their dashboard.

What are XDPs?

XDPs are xHashtag Development Proposals, which essentially take a consensus from the DAO members to formulate and implement changes to the way xHashtag DAO functions.

Do I need KYC to participate in the IDO?

Yes, participation in the $XTAG IDO requires KYC as per SolRazr requirements. You can check their site for further details.

How different are xHashtag's rewards when compared to airdrops?

Unlike airdrops where rewards obtained for tasks are based on pure luck, every task performer on xHashtag gets rewarded in crypto.

What is the PoS reward multiplier?

Projects can additionally reward their #community users who have staked the project tokens in terms of reward multipliers for completed tasks.

How often are the contests/tasks taking place?

The start and end dates of each task are seen on the campaign page. They usually occur at least 2 or 3 times a month.

What are the β€œtasks” that are usually done during a campaign?

Tasks during a campaign include simple things like following, tweeting and retweeting a particular account on Twitter, joining the discord server, joining the telegram channel, staking and exchanging tokens on the project's platform etc. It may include all or only some of these tasks, or probably something different decided by the campaign creators.

How long does it usually take to announce the winners of tasks and Souldrops and the rewards to be given out?

The rewards distribution date is always mentioned on the campaign page. The announcement dates will vary for different campaigns.

How to claim the rewards?

Claiming rewards can either be through airdrops or through the Souldrops portal on the xHashtag dApp. The campaign rules will have a full explanation about the rewards. Here is a detailed view to claim them on our dApp.

What is a High APY launch?

xHashtag facilitates a High APY launch for the projects on our launchpad with near-zero market float, allowing people to purchase tokens at a discounted price directly from the treasury through LP token or stablecoin-backed minting. This helps the project scale up rapidly at the start while giving users high APYs for their investment.

Does a user need to have experience or invest to be an xTagger?

Absolutely not! The platform is free for everyone who has a basic knowledge of the internet and willingness to work.

What are the contract addresses for XTAG?

$XTAG Contract Address on Solana: 5gs8nf4wojB5EXgDUWNLwXpknzgV2YWDhveAeBZpVLbp

$XTAG Contract Address on Avalanche: 0x06ba3e871ae3c14026d3e8a819fb3b5f31fef1d3

What is the difference between sXTAG and wXTAG?

sXTAG refers to Staked XTAG, the liquid staked XTAG tokens you receive when you stake your XTAG in our vaults. wXTAG refers to wrapped/wormhole XTAG tokens that you receive when you move your XTAG tokens from Solana to Avalanche using Wormhole Bridge.

Who are the xHashtag partners?

We have several partners including Kucoin labs, Exnetwork capital, ZBS capital, Kirin fund, Solrazr, Moonwhale etc. You can find all of them on our website xhashtag.io

On which platforms is xHashtag listed?

We are listed on KuCoin, Gate.io, LATOKEN and Raydium.

What are the plans for 2023?

We are planning several exciting upgrades. Integration with L2 chains, Aggregation of SBT from 3rd party issuers, Ethereum EIP 5192 integration for soultags, No collateral lending based on Soulrank, Launching Soulrank dashboard, Layer 2 R&D and Testnet, Integration of Web2 reputation, Support for cross-chain Souldrops, and many more to come. You can find the full updated roadmap on our website xhashtag.io.

If you have any additional questions apart from the above that you require answers from, join our helpful global telegram community for fast and prompt help from our community managers and fans. If you still have any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email.

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