Showcase your Soul with SoulPages!

Soulpages are essentially the future of Web3 identity, with every user being provided with a unique .soul domain that they can call their own.
You’ll now be able to register your very own domain, say defidaniel.soul or degendaisy.soul, which would be a living, dynamic profile of your achievements, skills and digital reputation acquired over time, based on your Web3 activities.
Additionally, we’re enabling traditional DNS access to these domains via .page. For example, if a Soulname is called example.soul, it would be easily accessible through example.soul.page. So defidaniel.soul would be accessible on defidaniel.soul.page via any standard browser like Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

Contents of your SoulPage

Your SoulPage would contain all of your available credentials collated in one place. This includes your off-chain achievements recorded in the form of Soultag SBTs, as well as on-chain reputation through Soultags as well as the ones received from other projects.
The entire process is dynamic and automated, with no user intervention required post-setup. All you need to do to set up your very own SoulPage is mint the Soul domain token as an NFT into your wallet, and voila, once you visit the .soul page, all your SBTs from your wallet will instantly show up.
Why have a SoulPage?
Having a SoulPage comes with loads of benefits:
  • You get access to your unique, shareable credentials page, which acts as a portfolio that you can showcase to the world.
  • You can easily keep track of all your badges collected over time, including reputation badges, attendance badges, allegiance badges and skill badges.
  • You can share your credentials page with anyone easily through the link, which also makes for a great addition to your social media bio.
  • Aggregated rankings and a leaderboard for all domains having SBTs will ensure high performers and regular adopters get greater preference for upcoming projects, campaigns or tasks.