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#Communities: The Backbone of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 projects rely on communities to unlock conversations that drive project growth and adoption. With many projects coming up on Web 3.0, there is intense competition and pressure on the projects to adhere to timelines and deliver a good product.
What xHashtag does is automate and amplify your community through activities decided by you, while letting you focus on your core aim of creating and building your product.
When several people initiate conversations or complete on-chain activities, other interested people are more likely to take interest & gain confidence in it, and possibly invest or be a part of that project.
However, most Web 3.0 projects are clueless about how to go ahead with planning the right marketing mix. Would high spending translate to better conversions? Would it be better to simply have a large number of airdrops and giveaways on the platform? Or would it be wise to hand over the marketing duties to a specialized agency?
With xHashtag, projects no longer need to worry about these questions.
As a DAO, xHashtag allows projects to create a #Community where they can:
  • A) Leverage community talents and skill set to accelerate project growth through our automated ambassador program.
  • B) Reward users with Soultags that are non-transferable proof of achievement curated onchain.
  • C) Set token-denominated incentives for the community members who add value to the ecosystem, recognizable on-chain through Soultags, and reward them with fungible tokens or other on-chain incentives such as discounted access to the product.
These communities moving forward would serve as loyal and vital marketing tools for these projects.