🌝Introducing .Soul Domains!

In line with our mission of building an ecosystem around Soulbound Tokens, we identified a need for users to showcase their reputation accumulated across Web3 in one single place. This resulted in the launch of the most essential part of the Soulbound reputation journey, the Soul Names (yourname.soul domains)!

What are Soul Names?

Soul names are a humanly readable naming service that can map commonly used words, phrases, or terms to a crypto wallet address, which consists of obfuscated numbers and characters. This makes it super easy for you to remember and share your wallet address with others.

These domain names ending with β€œ.soul” are minted on the Ethereum blockchain and will be tradeable on Opensea and other marketplaces. By default, the Soul domain would be resolved to the user’s connected wallet.

How Soul Names work as Web3 Domains

Soul Names would be made accessible via our DNS gateway, accessible via popular internet browsers including Google Chrome and Brave without additional configuration or plugins.

Thus, all the SBTs collected by the user, regardless of the issuer, would be shown directly to the user via the domain link. In addition to this, the user will have the ability to configure and link other wallets and pages as the ecosystem around Soul Domains grows and develops.

On the next page, you can check out the utilities and pricing structure of Soul Names.

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