Bridging XTAG to Solana

xTaggers, here's a detailed guide on how you can bridge your Avalanche Native XTAG back to Solana Native XTAG using Wormhole Portal Bridge.
$XTAG Contract Address on Avalanche: 0xA608D79C5f695C0D4C0E773A4938b57e18e0fc57
$XTAG Contract Address on Solana: 5gs8nf4wojB5EXgDUWNLwXpknzgV2YWDhveAeBZpVLbp
Before you start the process of bridging, make sure you have your Solana Wallet (Sollet/Phantom/Solflare/Mathwallet) and MetaMask Wallet (Configured for Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain) set-up and ready to send/receive funds. Here’s how you can go to and add Avalanche Mainnet to your Metamask.
Bridging your Avalanche Native XTAG to Solana Native XTAG is a pretty simple process, and following the below steps will help you successfully complete the bridging with no issues whatsoever.
Before you bridge XTAG from Avalanche to Solana using Wormhole Portal Bridge, you would need to ensure that the tokens are properly wrapped.
The steps below will guide you on how you can bridge in a few simple steps. Let us begin:
Step 1: Wrap your existing Avalanche Native XTAG
The wrapping process is similar to how you would have first brought in XTAG from Solana to Avalanche. Let us take a look at how the converse works.
1a. Visit and make sure you select the Avalanche Mainnet
You first need to be on the Avalanche network to be able to wrap/unwrap tokens.
1b. Connect your MetaMask Wallet, and accept all the pop-up notifications.
In case any MetaMask notification pops up, accept it to make sure the wrapping process functions as intended.
1c. Select Wrap/Unwrap from the top panel
Once you are connected to the Avalanche network, you will see an Wrap/Unwrap button on the top panel. Click on it.
1d. Choose Wrap as the mode
Ensure that you are on the Wrap mode by using the arrow icon to switch between modes.
1e. Enter desired amount, press approve and confirm
The Balance you have in XTAG would be shown at the top right corner of this pane. Enter the amount of XTAG you wish to wrap. Press MAX if you want to wrap all your available XTAG.
Choose approve (first time only) to approve the transaction on MetaMask. Accept any pop-up notifications. Press Wrap and accept all pop-ups again.
You should now have the corresponding amount of wXTAG, which may appear as (wormhole) in your wallet.
Step 2: Bridging the Wormhole XTAG to Solana
Once you have wrapped your Avalanche Native XTAG as Wormhole XTAG, you can now bridge it to Solana using PortalBridge.
2a. Visit PortalBridge and enter details
Go to and choose Source as Avalanche and Target as Solana.
2b. Connect your MetaMask Wallet in the source step and press next
Connect your wallet and accept any pop-ups that appear.
2c. Select the amount of XTAG you wish to bridge
Once you have selected the wallet and pressed the Connect button, you should now see the ‘Select A Token’ dropdown. Press it, and you will be able to view your wallet’s available tokens and the corresponding balance.
Choose XTAG (or enter this contract address: 0xA608D79C5f695C0D4C0E773A4938b57e18e0fc57).
Select the desired amount you wish to bridge, and press Next.
2d. Connect your Solana wallet
In the target column, connect the Solana wallet of your choice (Sollet, Phantom, Solflare etc.) and press next.
2e. Send Tokens through the bridge
Double check all the details shown on screen and press Approve. Don’t forget to accept all pop-up notifications from your wallet. Wait for the process to complete.
Now press Transfer. Approve all pop-ups. Do not navigate away from the page at any point of time.
Wait for the transactions to confirm.
2f. Press Redeem to get the Solana Native XTAG in your wallet
Once the process is complete, you will see a transaction successful message, and the balance should reflect in your Solana wallet in a while, with the contract address: 5gs8nf4wojB5EXgDUWNLwXpknzgV2YWDhveAeBZpVLbp.
Note: To view and confirm all the valid contract addresses, click here.
Important: Kucoin and currently only support deposits for Solana Native XTAG with contract address 5gs8nf4wojB5EXgDUWNLwXpknzgV2YWDhveAeBZpVLbp.
That’s it! You’ve successfully bridged over from Solana to Avalanche.