Operating the Avalanche Fuji Testnet

xTaggers, you don’t have to worry if you’ve never participated in a testnet before. The process is pretty simple and straightforward, as described below:
Step 1: Go to https://app-test.xhashtag.io and connect your MetaMask Wallet
After connecting your Metamask wallet to the dApp, if the “Connect Wallet” button displays “Wrong network”, it means that you’re not connected to Avalanche Fuji network. Click on the “Wrong network” button to reveal a browser popup notification. Press on the OK button. Metamask window should popup now through which you can Approve & Switch Network as showcased in the screenshot below.
Step 2: Collect test tokens by hovering over “Testnet Faucet” button
Collect testnet $AVAX by clicking on the “Get AVAX” button from the drop-down and following the instructions to get free testnet $AVAX tokens. This will be required to pay the gas fee of the network.
Next, click on “Mint USDC” button to collect testnet $USDC tokens. Click on the “Confirm” button on your Metamask popup to receive the tokens.
Step 3: Head over to the Marketplace and mint new tokens
On the testnet app, visit the marketplace menu on the left sidebar and proceed to mint new tokens by giving stablecoins to the treasury. Once the mainnet is launched, we would be supporting LP tokens in addition to stablecoins, but for now, feel free to experiment with stablecoins.
Step 4: Try Single Asset Staking through the Vaults section
On the testnet app, proceed to the vaults tab and stake your tokens without any impermanent loss! Refresh occasionally to see the accrued rewards. It really is that simple!