Viewing Claimed #SoulSwags using Metamask Mobile App
Claimed your own #SoulSwag already but not sure how to view it? Worry not! This simple guide will have you up and running in no time. So let’s get right into it.
Step 1: Find the #SoulSwag Contract Address and Token ID
In order to view any #SoulSwag SBT, you will need to have its contract address and token id. To obtain this, you will need to go to the respective block explorer (For example, for Avalanche chain, for KCC and so on)
The required details will be found under the corresponding mint transaction of the NFT (or in this case, the #SoulSwag SBT). Note down the contract address and token ID, which would be needed later.
Step 2: Set up the Metamask mobile app on your phone
In case you haven’t installed it already, download and set up your Metamask mobile application. Note that you would need to add the respective chain where you have claimed your #SoulSwag to the Metamask wallet using the inbuilt browser.
To add a chain to Metamask wallet, select the Browser option from the left dropdown menu and head over to Choose the appropriate chain by scrolling down and searching for the desired chain.
Approve all notifications and press Add to Metamask. Make sure you Switch to the New Network.
Exit the Browser by switching to your Wallet by using the left dropdown menu like earlier.
Step 3: Import the NFT/SBT
Once you have selected the appropriate network, head over to the NFT tab on your Metamask app, and press ‘Import NFT’. Enter the contract address and the token ID which you had noted previously and press Import.
Note: You need to enter the Contract Address of the NFT/SBT and not your personal Metamask Wallet Address. If you use your personal Metamask wallet address, you will be prompted as below.
Once imported, you will now be able to view the #SoulSwag SBTs in your Metamask Mobile Wallet under the NFT section of the respective chain.
You will need to repeat this procedure for all your claimed #SoulSwags in order to be able to see all the badges.
If you have any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us over Telegram or any other social medium.
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