Augmenting traditional Web3 launches

With some of the newest projects that are quickly becoming successful, we’ve been noticing a changing trend in the way projects raise money. In the initial days of crypto, between 2010 to 2016, project developers relied on bootstrapping, private equity funding or venture capital funding to obtain working capital for their projects.
This was followed by ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings between 2017 and 2019. In the last couple of years, IDOs and other platform launchpads have become the preferred choice for token launches.
However, even with the current mechanisms, there are certain challenges of mercenary liquidity, insufficient treasury and low community backing that could potentially kill a project right at its critical launch phase.
These challenges are what necessitated a newer augmented launch mechanism, which has come to the fore in the last couple of months and is already showing positive signs. Through a launch strategy called a high-yield launch with low market float, both the projects and their fans benefit.

Work 4.0 and #FutureOfWork

Work 4.0 is built on the principle of free economy and distributed workforce. As an advancement over traditional work cultures, work is expected to be more liquid and flexible, thus being location-agnostic.
Using a combination of technology and distributed concepts, traditional structures have been retracted to the point of redundance. Fixed work locations, fixed working hours and organizational hierarchy have become irrelevant in the context of #FutureOfWork.
This is bound to benefit the employer in ways more than one:
  • A) It reduces the cost per employee
  • B) It allows them access to a global pool of capable individuals
  • C) It allows leaner teams, thus delivering maximum RoI
  • D) With smaller physical offices or none at all, real estate cost is reduced.
The Bottom Line: Digitization has brought about new forms to express our creative potentials through seamless integration across boundaries between physical spaces - virtual ones included!
Combining the need for a project to bootstrap community with incentivizing the community on the lines of Work 4.0, xHashtag helps achieve a fine balance that benefits everyone involved.