Campaign Reviewers

Without a gatekeeping mechanism, campaign creators could possibly end up with incomplete, inaccurate or entirely irrelevant submissions for their tasks that require human verification. As reward disbursal is involved, the projects would be less than happy to encourage such behavior.
To nullify this possibility, xHashtag has introduced a decentralized gatekeeping mechanism that utilizes real users to verify the status of the work submitted by other users. We call these, Reviewers.
Role of a Reviewer
On the xHashtag DAO, in case a task requires completion status to be set by a human reviewer, a set of reviewers acting as the nodes of the DAO analyze the submitted tasks to verify if they are consistent with the campaign guidelines.
If a majority of reviewers agree on the completion of the submitted task, it is moved from the IN-REVIEW to the COMPLETED queue, after which the DAO automatically clears the user’s payout as crypto rewards.
If there is no consensus among the reviewers on the completion status of the task submitted, the task gets rejected, and the user who submitted the task does not get any rewards.
In case a user repeatedly submits incorrect tasks, their account on the dApp can be suspended.
How to become a Reviewer
While the platform is free to use for anyone willing to complete tasks, anyone wishing to review the submitted tasks would need to stake a fixed amount of $XTAG, the native governance token on the xHashtag DAO, after which they would be upgraded to reviewer status.