Our Vision

Revolutionizing Work through Blockchain

xHashtag strongly believes in the concept of Future of Work, where digital platforms play a major role in shaping how work is executed. This digitization would cause most traditionally established structures such as fixed work location, fixed work hours, and organizational hierarchies to become redundant and obsolete.
We believe that a DAO which automates most of the work done by corporate boards and senior executives, while having no centralized authority to influence its functioning is the way forward.
Any major decision regarding the progress of the project would be taken based on participant votes, with users having a higher stake naturally having a bigger say.
The goal is to develop xHashtag into a platform for a decentralized liquid workforce that is available to any entrepreneur on-demand without any commitments.
The best-case scenario is where xHashtag uberizes all skillsets, including development, and is the go-to marketplace for getting any kind of work done.