What is xHashtag?

xHashtag is a Web3 protocol providing on-chain credentials for Future Of Work. Using reputation credentials, brands can dynamically assemble skilled liquid teams while users are able to build their Web3 reputation and earn in exchange for creating value.
xHashtag offers 4 key features aimed at boosting every partner Web3 project:
1. Soultag Credentials 2. Automated Ambassadors 3. Metaverse Advertising 4. No-code Web3 Tools
xHashtag builds on the strengths of #Web3 projects by helping them build and grow a reliable community, who believe in the project and are willing to back it. In addition to activating the partner project's existing community, xHashtag is also able to mobilize its large user base towards the project, by rewarding them with non-transferable achievement credentials called Soultags for their contribution to the project in terms of task and campaign completion.